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Inspiring Lifelong Learning

Sue, Lou, and What’s New


What are Lou and Sue up to?  

One of our clients has bravely declared their independence from the dreaded annual performance reviews and opted for a more holistic approach.  We provided training to approximately 200 managers on how to be more “Coachlike” and less traditional in their management styles. The goals of the program include more engagement, more buy-in, and more trust.  We know coaching can do that- and now we’re excited to watch the transformation occur on a larger level. 

As the workforce changes, so does the way organizations manage.  If you know an organization that is interested in offering our “coaching for managers” training, please contact us at

Each year I resolve to see myself as whole, complete, naturally creative and resourceful, capable of anything.

“A Resolution All Year Long”  –

– Lou Ness, cofounder, Living Forward, LLC       

Blog Posts

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    Learning is a process involving nurturing, inspiring, and self-discovering. Learning is a voluntary act. We all choose what we learn, even when life and experience provide learning, not everyone takes it in....

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Living Forward, LLC is a coaching and training company founded in 2006, that "inspires lifelong learning". Our qualified coaches specialize in workplace communication, change readiness, and performance improvement. We also offer individual coaching, group coaching and conflict resolution/mediation.


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