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“I was beginning to doubt myself and my confidence in my abilities as a sales professional is really pretty low. Somehow being in that group helped me to realize that I would be successful at a sales career…I was before and can be again.” – C.C.
“Great job. This is my first session here at this school and Professor Ness was excellent. Her way of interacting with the class motivated me to want to attend the seminars. She was very engaged yet at the same time could bring the class to attention and learning. Very important. I was able to relate to her and her experiences. She was great in using real life examples that solidified the lessons and concepts even more. I only hope that other teachers are as interactive and willing to teach with their experiences as she was. She did set the bar kinda high for me as stated previously this is one of my first two classes here. If she is on line for a merit evaluation or promotion please reward generously. She is a type that inspires learning and I would think you want those kinds of instructors.”
“I’ve worked with Suzanne for the past two years, and I can honestly say there’s been nothing that’s helped me so much as her coaching. She guides rather than advising or counseling, posing the questions that need to be asked and allowing me to reflect on the things that matter most. I have developed into a far more well-rounded, successful, confident and happy person than I could have thought possible.” – I.E. IL
“[Suzanne] was very good at presenting and easy to communicate with. Class participation was wonderful, the whole experience was very good.” – Workshop Participant
“I met Suzanne in a search to find a new corporate trainer and facilitator for our yearly manager training programs.  She has exceeded our expectations at every turn.  She uses an effective combination of facilitating, group activities and individual goal setting to achieve the best possible results.  You leave her sessions being changed both personally and professionally!” – Training Manager

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Living Forward, LLC is a coaching and training company founded in 2006, that "inspires lifelong learning". Our qualified coaches specialize in workplace communication, change readiness, and performance improvement. We also offer individual coaching, group coaching and conflict resolution/mediation.


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